AP231 3Ph Supply Monitoring Relay

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Product Overview

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General Specifications


  • AP231 monitors 3 Phases only, AP232 monitors 3 Phases and Neutral
  • Protection of phase failure & incorrect phase sequence
  • DIN rail mount.
  • Fail-to-safe design.
  • Combined overvoltage and undervoltage monitoring with phase failure or sequence detection
  • Monitoring of own supply voltage (3 phase).
  • Separately adjustable setpoints: over-voltage, (5 to 20%) and, under-voltage (-5 to -20%).
  • Separately adjustable response times on trip & recovery (0.1 to 10 seconds).
  • Fixed hysteresis: 2%.
  • Adjustable start-up delay for disabling latching 0.1 to 10 sec.
  • Selectable latching (ie manual or auto reset).
  • LED indication of Relay ON and fault type.
  • 10A SPDT relay output.
  • AP231 Supersedes P230P.


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