AP430 Phase Sequence/Failure/Asymmetry Relay

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Product Overview

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General Specifications


  • AP430 monitors 3 Phases only, AP431 monitors 3 Phases and Neutral
  • DIN rail mount.
  • Fail-to-safe design.
  • Monitoring on three phase supply.
  • Sensitive to: NPS Voltage, Reverse phase sequence, loss of phase, phase imbalance, phase asymmetry.
  • Insensitive to regenerated EMF.
  • High stability under harmonic distortion
  • Insensitive to balanced supply variations - prevents nuisance tripping
  • Fast response to reversed phase sequence
  • Adjustable NPS sensitivity.
  • Power ON & Relay ON LED's.
  • 10A SPDT or 5A DPDT relay output.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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